Covers of Bruce songs

The Orel Family
Springsteen Discography:

Official releases of songs written or co-written by Bruce Springsteen, performed by by other artists.
Compiled from lists of Matthew Orel, Paul Beneker, Matt Allan, Paul Limbrick, Salvador Grosso, Jacob Romanow, Loren Shupe and Willie Major

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  Title                                 Artist
Across the Border                     Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt
Across the Border                     Michael Nold Band
Across the Border                     Michele Dominguez Greene
Adam Raised a Cain                    Sandra Stephens
Ain't Got You                         Solomon Burke
Ain't Got You                         Gary Lucas' Gods and Monsters
Ain't Got You                         Helen Watson
Ain't Got You                         Janine Wilson
All I Need                            Gary US Bonds
All I Need                            Graziano Romani
All or Nothing at All                 Marshall Crenshaw
All or Nothing at All ("Ois Oda Nix") Stranzinger (Austrian)
All That Heaven Will Allow            Mavericks
All that Heaven Will Allow            Merv & Maria
All that Heaven Will Allow            The Rankins
All That Heaven Will Allow            Sound-a-like Cover
All the Way Home                      Joe Slomp
All The Way Home                      Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes
The American Song                     Steel Mill
The Angel                             The Blue Bonnets
Angelyne                              Gary US Bonds
Angelyne                              Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Angelyne                              Jeff Stevens and the Bullets
Atlantic City                         Allo, Darlin' (featuring Paul From Hexicon)
Atlantic City                         American Boys
Atlantic City                         John Anderson
Atlantic City                         Automatic 7
Atlantic City                         The Badlees
Atlantic City                         The Band
Atlantic City                         Denis Fischer
Atlantic City                         Kim Fox
Atlantic City ("Atlantik City")       Gundermann
Atlantic City                         Ed Harcourt
Atlantic City                         Levon Helm
Atlantic City                         The Hold Steady
Atlantic City                         Doc Holiday
Atlantic City                         The Joint Chiefs
Atlantic City                         Mark McKay
Atlantic City                         Kurt Neumann
Atlantic City                         Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians
Atlantic City                         Professor Louie and the Crowmatix
Atlantic City                         The Reivers (aka Zeitgeist)
Atlantic City                         Mike Rimbaud
Atlantic City                         Rollin' in the Hay
Atlantic City                         Tom Thumb and the Latter Day Saints
Atlantic City                         Vitamin String Quartet
Atlantic City                         Hank Williams III
Atlantic City ("Atlantic City/Murray") Pete Yorn
Name Your Link                     Mark Broussard
Backstreets                           Maria Mckee
Badlands                              American Boys
Badlands                              Boy Genius
Badlands                              Joe D'Urso and Stone Caravan
Badlands (music only, "Steinland")    Gundermann
Badlands                              Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi
Badlands                              Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians
Badlands                              Silent Bear
Badlands                              Studio Group
Because The Night                     A7IE
Because The Night                     Academy Allstars
Because The Night/Layla               Ed Alleyne-Johnson
Because The Night                     The Allstars
Because the Night                     The Alphabet Girls
Because The Night                     Soraya Arnelas
Because the Night                     Attack and Party
Because the Night                     Banda Phix
Because the Night                     Beki Bondage
Because The Night                     Boss Man
Because The Night                     Brontosaurus Chorus
Because The Night                     Alexe Colbus
Because The Night                     Cascada
Because The Night                     CDM Project
Because the Night                     CO.RO featuring Taleesa
Because the Night                     Siobahn Crawley
Because the Night                     Amber Crowley and the Classic Vinyl Band
Because The Night                     Domina Noctis
Because the Night                     Earthling
Because the Night                     Mirella Felli
Because The Night                     Denis Fischer
Because The Night                     Jo Francis
Because The Night                     Funk Master
Because The Night                     Giorgio Gaslini, Vittorio Marinoni Roberto Bonati with Daniele De Gregorio
Because The Night                     Graham BLVD
Because the Night                     Richard De Groot
Because The Night                     The Harddance Jumpers
Because the Night ("Tämä Yö")         Heinäsirkka (Finnish)
Because the Night                     The Irrationals
Because The Night                     Keel
Because The Night                     The Klone Orchestra
Because The Night                     Lollies
Because The Night                     Patti LuPone
Because the Night                     May
Because the Night                     Mighty Pope
Because The Night                     Naked
Because The Night                     Nanou
Because The Night                     Domina Noctis
Because the Night                     Note-oriety
Because The Night                     Linda O
Because the Night                     Anna Oxa
Because The Night                     Rhythms Del Mundo featuring KT Tunstall
Because The Night                     Russ Pay
Because the Night                     Project 7X
Because The Night                     Renegade Stars
Because the Night                     The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with Kim Wilde
Because The Night                     Gerd Rube
Because The Night                     Patti Smith Group
Because the Night                     Quantize
Because the night                     Das Scheit
Because the Night                     Sboops Group vs Fcdeejay
Because the Night                     Shot in the Dark
Because the Night                     Simioli & Marchesini
Because the Night                     SKAndalous All-Stars
Because the Night                     StartraxB
Because The Night                     Studio Allstars
Because the Night                     The Studio Sound Ensemble
Because The Night                     Studio Union
Because The Night ("La Noche es...")  Tahures Zurdos (Spanish)
Because The Night                     10000 Maniacs
Because The Night                     3rd Valve
Because The Night                     Tiger Tiger
Because the Night                     Jun Togawa
Because the Night                     Tokeo Bliss
Because The Night                     Tribute Stars
Because the Night                     UA
Because the Night                     Walk the Walk
Because the Night                     The Waterboys
Because The Night                     Jan Wayne
Because The Night                     Lola Williams
Because the Night                     XXX Century
Better Days                           Serge Kuhm
Better Days                           Elliott Murphy
Better Days                           JW Roy
Big Payback                           Mojo Nixon
Blinded By The Light                  Ace Boogie
Blinded by the Light                  Allan Clarke
Blinded By The Light                  DJ Kronik & Flo-rida
Blinded By The Light                  DJ Trashy
Blinded by the Light                  Funkstar De Luxe
Blinded By The Light                  Graham BLVD
Blinded by the Light                  The Hesh
Blinded By The Light                  The Hit Crew
Blinded by the Light                  James Last
Blinded by the Light                  Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers
Blinded By The Light                  Karaoke Superstars
Blinded By The Light                  Man Doki Soulmates
Blinded By The Light                  Michael Mind featuring Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Blinded By The Light                  Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Blinded by the Light                  PeCH
Blinded By The Light                  Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians
Blinded By the Light                  Plan 9Bl
Blinded By The Light                  PMC All-Stars
Blinded By The Light                  Rock Heroes
Blinded By The Light                  Royal Melody
Blinded By The Light                  70s Music All Stars
Blinded By The Light                  The Soundtrack Tribute Band
Blinded by the Light                  The Studio Sound Ensemble
Blinded By The Light                  Chris Thompson
Blinded By The Light (part of "megamix")   Top 40 Cover Band
Blinded by the light                  Matt Vemanis
Blinded by the Light ("Mennään Rööperiin") Pepe Willberg (Finnish)
Blood Brothers                        Michael Angelo
Blood Brothers                        Jeff Sherman
Bobby Jean                            Jennifer Glass
Bobby Jean                            Jorcx
Bobby Jean                            Portastatic
Book of Dreams                        Dion
Boppin' The Blues                     Steel Mill
Born in the U.S.A.                    A Boat
Born In The U.S.A.                    American Boys
Born in the U.S.A.                    Erik Balkey
Born in the U.S.A.                    John Bayless -- (The Preamble)
Born in North Van (based on BUSA)     Boss and the Bandits
Banned in the USA (music of BUSA)     Luke Campbell and the 2 Live Crew
Born In The U.S.A.                    Casiotone for the Painfully Alone & Concern
Born in East LA (spoof)               Cheech and Chong
Born in the U.S.A.                    Stanley Clarke
Born in the U.S.A.                    Richard De Groot
Born In The U.S.A.                    Glam Chops
Born in the U.S.A.                    The Hit Crew
Born in Der Nase (parody)             J.B.O. (German)
Born in Budapest ("Pesten Szulettem") Andras Kern (Hungarian)
Born in the USA/Dancing in the Dark   London Symphony Orchestra
Born in the U.S.A.                    Lullaby Players
Born In The U.S.A.                    Music Makers
Born in the U.S.A.                    Nicotine
Born in the U.S.A.                    Oblivion Dust
Born In The U.S.A.                    Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians
Born In The U.S.A.                    The Pop Royals
Born In The U.S.A.                    Eric Rigler
Born in the U.S.A.                    Richard Shindell
Born in Timperley (based on BUSA)     Frank Sidebottom
Born in the Norway (parody)           Skilt
Barn in the USA (Based on BUSA)       Bruce Stringbean and the S Street Band (Sesame Street)
Born In The U.S.A.                    Studio Group
Born In The U.S.A.                    Studio 99
Born In the U.S.A.                    Mark Thornton
Born In The U.S.A. (part of "megamix")   Top 40 Cover Band
Born in the U.S.A.                    Nick White
Born To Run                           American Boys
Born Above (parody based on BtR)      ApologetiX
Born to Run                           John Bayless -- Andante - piu mosso - Allegro
Born To Run                           Boss Man
Born To Run                           Big Daddy
Born To Run                           Lucinda Black Bear
(These Eggs Were) Born to Run (parody)  Rob Carlson
Born to Run                           Allan Clarke
Born To Run                           Cowboy Mouth
Born To Run                           Roger Daltrey
Born to Run                           Richard De Groot
Born to Run                           Melissa Etheridge
Born To Run                           The Feelings
Born To Run                           Bob Forrest
Born to Run                           Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Born to Run                           Adam Green
Born to Shop (parody, based on BtR)   Guns 'N Charoses
Born To Run                           Jerry Lawson and Jimmy Hayes
Born to Run                           London Symphony Orchestra
Born To Run                           Lullaby Players
Born To Run                           Moi Caprice
Born to Run ("Synnyimme lähtemään")   Pate Mustajärvi (Finnish)
Born to Run                           Only the Lonely:  The Roy Orbison Story, Original London Cast
Born To Run                           Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians
Born to Run                           Joe Piscopo
Born To Run                           The Pop Royals
Born To Run                           Suzi Quatro
Born To Run                           Rock Heroes
Born to Run                           Rock-afire Explosion
Born to Run                           The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with Joey Tempest
Born to Run                           Smackee
Born to Run                           Something For Kate
Born To Add (based on "Born to Run")  Summer Cats VS Motifs
Born To Run                           Speedometers
Born To Run                           Studio Group
Born to Add (based on "Born to Run")  Bruce Stringbean and the S Street Band (Sesame Street)
Born to Run                           John Svoboda
Born To Run (part of "megamix")       Top 40 Cover Band
Born To Run                           David West
Born to Run                           Ray Wilson
Born to Run                           Wolfsbane
Brilliant Disguise                    American Boys
Brilliant Disguise                    Atabala
Brilliant Disguise                    Elvis Costello
Brilliant Disguise                    Joe Dolan
Brilliant Disguise                    Graham BLVD
Brilliant Disguise/Brilliancy Medley  Jeff Mellin featuring Doug Yule
Brilliant Disguise                    Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians
Brilliant Disguise                    The Pop Royals
Brilliant Disguise                    The Reason
Brilliant Disguise                    Reflex
Brilliant Disguise                    Ronnie Spector
Brilliant Disguise                    Studio Group
Brothers Under the Bridge             Cowboy Junkies
Bruce Springsteen Hits of The 80's Megamix  Top 40 Cover Band
Cadillac Ranch                        The Country Dance Kings
Cadillac Ranch                        The Country Revival Farmers
Cadillac Ranch                        Matthew Fisher and the Downliners Sect
Blue Monday/Cadillac Ranch (lyrics only)  Lord Horror with the Savoy Hitler Youth Band
Cadillac Ranch                        Rosie Flores
Cadillac Ranch                        Just B...
Cadillac Ranch                        Mr. Blue
Cadillac Ranch                        The Nightshift Trio
Cadillac Ranch                        Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Cadillac Ranch                        Reilly & Maloney
Cadillac Ranch                        Graziano Romani
Cadillac Ranch                        Bobby D. Sawyer
Cadillac Ranch                        Shouting Thomas!
Cadillac Ranch                        Status Quo
Cadillac Ranch                        Rick Trevino
Cadillac Ranch                        Warren Zevon
Candy's Room                          John Bayless -- Toccata
Candy's Room                          Crazysloth
Candy's Room                          Maria McKee
Candy's Room                          Pete Weiss
Cheap Motel                           Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers
Club Soul City                        Gary US Bonds
Club Soul City                        Haywood Gregory
Club Soul City                        Killer Joe
Club Soul City                        Mikael Rickfors
Code of Silence                       Joe Grushecky
Come On                               Steel Mill
Cover Me                              Bestaff 
Cover Me                              Thea Gilmore
Cover Me                              Graham BLVD
Cover Me                              The Hamburg Rock Band
Cover Me                              Jennifer O'Connor 
Cover Me                              The Party Boys (with Marc Hunter)
Cover Me                              Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians
Cover Me                              The Pop Royals
Cover Me                              Seasons
Cover Me                              Studio Group
Cover Me                              Shane Torrel
Cover Me                              Nick White
Dancing In The Dark                   American Boys
Dancing in the Dark                   Big Daddy
Dancing in the Dark                   Billboard Hits 13
Dancing in the Dark                   Alex Bollard Assembly
Dancing in the USA (medley)           The Boss
Stranded in the Park (based on DitD)  Boss and the Bandits
Shoot Me in the Dark (parody)         Brews Springstein
Dancing in the Dark                   Mary Chapin Carpenter
Dancing in the Dark                   Claire
Dancing in the Dark                   Louis Clark & The London Philarmonic Orchestra
Dancing in the Dark                   Cultercide
Dancing In The Dark                   Graham BLVD
Dancing in the Dark                   Richard De Groot
Dancing in the Dark                   Jive Bunny & the Mastermixers
Dancing in the Dark                   Lullaby Players
Dancing in the Dark                   Amy MacDonald
Dancing In The Dark                   Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians
Dancing In The Dark                   The Pop Royals
Dancing in the Dark                   Reilly & Maloney
Dancing in the Dark                   The Shadows
Dancing In The Dark                   The Snuggle Ups
Dancing In The Dark                   Studio Group
Dancing In The Dark                   Tegan and Sara
Dancing In The Dark (part of "megamix")   Top 40 Cover Band
Dancing In The Dark                   Shane Torrel
Dancing In The Dark                   Matt Tyler
Dancing in the Dark                   Nick White
Dancing In The Dark                   Wintersleep
Dancing in the Dark                   Pete Yorn
Dark and Bloody Ground                Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers
Darkness on the Edge of Town          The Floating Men
Darkness On The Edge Of Town          The Vatican Cellars
Darkness On the Edge of Town          The Winter Blanket
Darkness on the Edge of Town          Martin Zellar
Darlington County                     Jeff Stevens and the Bullets
Dedication                            Gary US Bonds
Devils and Dust                       Matt Tyler
Does this Bus Stop at 82nd Street?    Purple Ivy Shadows
Don't Back Down                       Graziano Romani
Don't Look Back                       The Knack
Downbound Train                       The Foxgloves
Downbound Train (music only, "War dein Freund")    Gundermann
Downbound Train                       Kirk Kelly
Downbound Train                       Raul Malo
Downbound Train                       Steve Sloan
Downbound Train                       The Smithereens
Drive All Night                       Graziano Romani
Dry Lightning                         Michael Martin Murphy
The E Street Shuffle                  John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band
The E Street Shuffle/Summer(The First Time)
/Leader of the Pack (Live Version)
Bette Midler Empty Sky Alexander's Festival Hall Empty Sky Matt Tyler Factory Arizona Smoke Revue Factory The Buccaneers Factory ("Working Life") Eric Burdon Factory Carillion Factory ("La Fabrica") Circo Fantasma (Italian) Factory The Flying Pickets Factory The Groovers Factory Mike Harding Factory Serge Kuhm Factory ("Working Life") Patti O'Doors Factory ("Arbeidsdag") "97434" Johansen (Norwegian) Factory The Mighty Echoes Factory ("Arbeit") Ostbahn-Kurti und die Chefpartie (Austrian) Factory The River Detectives Fade Away Southside Johnny Fade Away The Woolridge Brothers The Fever Dean Ford The Fever Sandra Goldner (Swiss) The Fever De Pascale/Terzani (She's Got) The Fever Pointer Sisters The Fever ("Fever for the Girl") Allan Rich The Fever Sanne Salomonsen (Danish) The Fever Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes The Fever John Swank 57 Channels (And Nothin' On) Teddy 'Zig Zag' Fire John Berry Fire Carol Black Band (Swiss) Fire The Bluebeat Fire Boyz Nite Out Fire Carlton Sisters Fire Paula Clarke Fire Cutt Glass Fire Richard De Groot Fire Des'ree and Babyface Fire O'brian Eselu Fire Joey Figgiani Fire Robert Gordon Fire Graham BLVD Fire Henning Staerk Band Fire Hip Cats Fire Ho'onu'a Fire Harold Kama Jr. Fire Lars Vegas Trio Fire Russ Le Roq and the Romantics Fire Lena-Maria Fire ("Feber") Lili and Susie (Swedish) On And On / Fire Chuck Loeb Fire Lou Hobbs Fire ("Vrijen") Jawadde (Belgian) Fire Solly Kramer Fire The Gino Marinello Synthesizer Fire Anita Meyer Fire Meredith (Belgian) Fire ("Brand!!") Sylvia Millecamp (Dutch - parody) Fire Betty Mthombeni Fire ("Feuer") Ostbahn-Kurti und die Chefpartie (Austrian) Fire ("Feigling") Ingrid Peters (German) Fire Pointer Sisters Fire ("Teesklus") Rock Hotel (Estonian) Fire Rockin' Dopsie, Jr., $amp; the Zydeco Twisters Fire Shakin' Stevens Fire (medley with "Faith") Solfa Fire Spanner Banner featuring Tanya Stephens Fire The Eddy Starr Orchestra Fire Stars on 45 Fire Starsound Fire Tresa Street Fire Studio Group Fire Sunrize Fire ("Fuego") Victoria Y Sus Chikos (Tejano) Fire Voce Fire When the Cats Away Fire Robin Williams Fire Link Wray For You ("Till Dej") Janne Andersson (Swedish) For You Choice For You The Disco Boys featuring Manfred Mann's Earth Band For You Richard De Groot For You Duessenberg For You The Format For You Greg Kihn Band For You Manfred Mann's Earth Band For You SAS Band For You Chris Thompson 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) Air Supply 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) John Bayless -- Andante Sostenuto 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) The Hollies 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) Ben E. King 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) Richard Shindell Sanna (Nyarsafton Are) (4th Of July, Asbury Park) Ulf Lundell (Swedish) Asbury Park, July 4 Vitamin String Quartet 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) We're About 9 Frankie Graziano Romani From small things big things come Backseatboys Small Things Clarence Clemons Temple of Soul From Small Things Country Rock Party From Small Things David Dover Band From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come) Dave Edmunds From Small Things... Nitty Gritty Dirt Band From Small Things... Stephen Ackless (Norwegian) From Small Things... Jeff Stevens and the Bullets Further On (Up the Road) Johnny Cash Further On (Up the Road) The Outliers Further On (Up The Road) Michael Reed Further On (Up the Road) Miami & the Groovers The Ghost Of Tom Joad CORE The Ghost of Tom Joad Arthur Godfrey The Ghost of Tom Joad Martyn Joseph The Ghost Of Tom Joad Junip The Ghost Of Tom Joad Rage Against the Machine The Ghost Of Tom Joad Pete Seeger (with Bruce) The Ghost of Tom Joad Solas The Ghost Of Tom Joad The Train Wrecks Girls In Their Summer Clothes PMC All-Stars Give The Girl A Kiss Sensational Epics Glory Days American Boys Glory Days DJ Remix Factory Glory Hole (explicit Glory Days parody) Bubba the Love Sponge Glory Days Jimmy Buffett Glory Days MJ Hibbett and the Validators Glory Days The Hit Crew Glory Days Lullaby Players Glory Days Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians Glory Days The Pop Royals Diaper Days (parody, based on Glory Days) Bob Rivers Glory Days Studio Group Glory Days (part of "megamix") Top 40 Cover Band Glory Days Shane Torrel Glory Days Matt Tyler Glory Days Nick White Glory Days Bernie Williams (with Bruce and Patti) "Greetings from John Bayless" John Bayless (album -- tracks listed separately, sides are "The Concerto" and "American Portrait") Goin' Back To Georgia Steel Mill Growin' Up Any Trouble Growin' Up David Bowie Growin' Up Tim Goodman Growin' Up Gary Heffern Growin' Up Hero's Growin' Up Pearl Jam Growing Up Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi Growing Up Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians Growin' Up Portastatic Growin' Up Alvin Stardust Growin' Up ("Bruce") The Turtles Guilty ("The Judge") Steel Mill Guilty Robbin Thompson Hearts of Stone Grand Drive Hearts of Stone Marti Lebow Hearts of Stone Tove Naess Hearts of Stone ("Stadt Aus Stan") Ostbahn-Kurti und die Chefpartie (Austrian) Hearts of Stone Helen Schneider Hearts Of Stone Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes He's the Boss (medley) Big Boss Band Highway Patrolman ("Dálnièní hlídka") Pavel Bobek (Czech) Highway Patrolman Johnny Cash Highway Patrolman The Gary Cooper Combo Highway Patrolman Sid Griffin Highway Patrolman Lost Weekend Highway Patrolman Pele Highway Patrolman Stephen Simmons Highway Patrolman Dar Williams The Hitter Tom Jones Hold On (To What You Got) Gary US Bonds Homestead Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers Human Touch American Boys Human Touch Joe Cocker Human Touch Graham BLVD Human Touch ("Mönschehand") Natacha (Swiss) Human Touch Gerd Rube Human Touch Bonnie Tyler with the City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Human Touch Matt Tyler Human Touch Nick White Hungry Heart American Boys Hungry Heart BAP Hungry Heart John Bayless -- un poco Rubato - Andante Hungry Heart Sexton Blake Everybody's Got a Jewish Mom (parody, based on Hungry Heart) Guns 'N Charoses Hungry Heart Minnie Driver Hungry Heart Graham BLVD Hungry Heart Andy Hamilton (Superchart Sax instrumental) Hungry Heart Drew Holcomb Hungry Heart Jet Lag Hungry Heart Mike Love Hungry Heart The Magic Time Travelers Hungry Heart Jesse Malin Hungry Heart Aidan John Moffat Hungry Heart Jeanne Newhall Hungry Heart Pájaro Sunrise Hungry Heart Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians Hungry Heart The Pop Royals Hungry Heart Wyckham Porteous Hungry Heart Lucy Wainwright Roche Hungry Heart Santa's Dead Hungry Heart The School Hungry Heart Smokie Hungry Heart Mike Stokes Hungry Heart Studio Group Hungry Heart Swamp Dogg Hungry Heart (part of "megamix") Top 40 Cover Band Hungry Day (Medley of Hungry Heart and Waitin on a Sunny Day) Matt Tyler Hungry Heart (parody) John Valby Hungry Heart The Wanted Hungry Heart The Wayback Machine Hungry Heart Nick White Hungry Heart Paul Young I Wanna Marry You Harvey Williams I Wish I Were Blind Howie Beck I Wish I Were Blind Michael Carpenter I Wish I Were Blind El McMeen I Wish I Were Blind Kevin Montgomery I Wish I Were Blind Kevin Montgomery and the Road Trippers I Wish I Were Blind Jason Walker I Wish I Were Blind The Yell Leaders Idiot's Delight Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers If I Should Fall Behind Buck and Deanne If I Should Fall Behind Cindy Bullens If I Should Fall Behind Catie Curtis If I Should Fall Behind Country Railway If I Should Fall Behind Dion If I Should Fall Behind DJ Downfall featuring Amelia Fletcher If I Should Fall Behind The Flying Mules If I Should Fall Behind Richie Furay If I Should Fall Behind Gravity If I Should Fall Behind Faith Hill If I Should Fall Behind Jenny Jones If I Should Fall Behind Alexi Lalas If I should fall behind Patrick Levien & experiance sound If I Should Fall Behind Boris McCutcheon If I Should Fall Behind/Bear Creek Reel The McKassons If I Should Fall Behind Grant McLennan If I Should Fall Behind Linda Ronstadt If I Should Fall Behind Rootbound If I Should Fall Behind ("Wacht op Mij") Jan Rot (Dutch) If I Should Fall Behind Jane Saunders If I Should Fall Behind Geir Sundstøl & Lynni Treekrem If I Should Fall Behind Jubilant Sykes If I Should Fall Behind Television Personalities If I Should Fall Behind Robin and Linda Williams If I Were The Priest Allan Clarke I'm a Rocker The Party Boys (with Richard Clapton) I'm Goin' Down Frank Black and the Catholics I'm Goin' Down Dawn Chorus & the Blue Tits I'm Goin' Down Jennifer Milich I'm Goin' Down ("Goin' Down") The Razorbacks I'm Not Sleeping Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers I'm On Fire Tori Amos I'm On Fire Matt Andersen I'm On Fire APP I'm On Fire Australian Blonde I'm On Fire Sara Bareilles I'm On Fire Bat For Lashes I'm on Fire Big Country I'm On Fire Bluesman I'm On Fire Bob'n'B I'm On Fire A. A. Bondy I'm On Fire Carbon Leaf I'm On Fire Rossana Casale I'm On Fire Johnny Cash I'm On Fire Kenny Chesney I'm On Fire Chromatics I'm On Fire The Clumsy Lovers I'm On Fire Kelly Dalton I'm On Fire The Debonaires Bruce Springroll (parody, based on "I'm on Fire") Frank DeLima I'm On Fire Graveyard BBQ I'm On Fire Grey Delisle I'm on Fire Electralane I'm On Fire Federation X I'm On Fire 4 Hr. Ramona I'm On Fire Fox N Hounds I'm On Fire Francine I'm On Fire Ted Garber I'm On Fire Carol Gaylor & Bruce Katsu I'm On Fire Carmen Gomez I'm On Fire Graveyard BBQ I'm On Fire Guana Batz I'm On Fire Kent Gustavson I'm On Fire Head Like a Hole I'm On Fire Help Stamp Out Loneliness I'm On Fire Home I'm On Fire Hot Wire I'm On Fire Hoover's G-String I'm On Fire Irving I'm On Fire Waylon Jennings I'm On Fire Lullaby Players I'm On Fire The Max Klau Band I'm On Fire Bernardo Lanzetti I'm On Fire Harry Manx and Kevin Breitt I'm On Fire Sophie Milman I'm On Fire Little Milton I'm On Fire Lullaby Players I'm On Fire John Mayer I'm On Fire Anita Meyer I'm On Fire The Motorettes I'm On Fire/bucks Of Orranmore Casey Neill Trio I'm On Fire Willie Nile I'm On Fire Heather Nova I'm On Fire Fausto Papeti I'm On Fire Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians I'm On Fire The Pop Royals I'm On Fire P.J. Proby I Perspire (parody, based on "I'm on Fire") Bob Rivers I'm On Fire Gerd Rube I'm On Fire ("Ik Word Gek") Jan Rot (Dutch) I'm on Fire Tom Russell Band I'm on Fire 17th Avenue Allstars I'm On Fire The Snow I'm On Fire The Stalking Horses I'm on Fire Stolen Shack I'm On Fire Studio Group I'm On Fire Swati I'm On Fire Top Cats I'm On Fire (part of "megamix") Top 40 Cover Band I'm On Fire Town Mountain I'm On Fire The TriSonics I'm On Fire Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden I'm On Fire The Twang I'm On Fire Matt Tyler I'm on Fire John Valby I'm On Fire The Wanted I'm on Fire Nick White Independence Day Jubilant Bridge Independence Day ("Feiertog") Ostbahn-Kurti und die Chefpartie (Austrian) Independence Day Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians Independence Day Vitamin String Quartet Independence Day The Waterboys Into The Fire Shane Torrel Into The Fire Studio Group Into the Fire Vitamin String Quartet It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City David Bowie Jackson Cage John Wesley Harding Janey Steel Mill Janey Don't You Lose Heart Mrs. Fun/Tina and the B-Side Movement Janey Don't You Lose Heart D.K. Richardson Janey Don't You Lose Heart ("Ikke vaere bange") Bamses Venner (Danish) Jeannie Needs a Shooter ("Jeannie Sparami") Raffaele Fiume (Italian) Jeannie Needs A Shooter Warren Zevon Jesse Graziano Romani Johnny 99 Johnny Cash Johnny 99 Rich Chambers Johnny 99 The Del Lords Johnny 99 Timm Grimm Johnny 99 John Hiatt Johnny 99 Los Lobos Johnny 99 The Loved Ones Johnny 99 The Mystic Knights of the Sea Johnny 99 One Milky Wimp Johnny 99 The Pride (Swiss) Johnny Bye Bye ("Bye Johnny Bye (Dead Rock Stars)") Joe D'Urso and Stone Caravan Johnny Bye Bye Mark Wright Jungleland John Bayless -- Allegro Energico Kitty's Back Strange Fruit Kt88 Steel Mill Land of Hope and Dreams Aaron and Andrew Leap of Faith Graziano Romani Light Of Day Graham BLVD Light of Day Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers Light of Day Joan Jett (aka the Barbusters) Little Girl So Fine Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes Living Proof Joe Slomp Loose Ends Megajam5 (Italian) Love On The Wrong Side Of Town Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes Love's On The Line Gary US Bonds Lucky Town Rosie Flores Lucky Town May & Mackie Lucky Town Pablo Surja & Cambio de Planes Lucky Town Todd Thibaud Magic The Gresham Flyers Man at the Top Nils Lofgren Mansion on the Hill Billy Bragg & The Blokes Mansion on the Hill Crooked Fingers Mansion On The Hill Emmylou Harris Mansion on the Hill Henning Kvitnes' Next Step (Norwegian) Mansion On The Hill The National Mansion On The Hill Orange Nichole Mansion on the Hill Vitamin String Quartet Mary, Queen of Arkansas Dusty Wright Matamoros Banks Amy Laber Meeting Across the River Joey Curtin Meeting Across the River Justin Marcus Meeting Across the River Sally Mayes Meeting Across the River Syd Straw Murder Incorporated Graham BLVD Murder Incorporated Studio Group My Beautiful Reward Bumping Uglies My Beautiful Reward Lanny Cordola My Beautiful Reward Jeff Hughes & Chaparral My Beautiful Reward Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians My Beautiful Reward Graziano Romani My City Of Ruins Eddie Vedder My Father's House Cowboy Junkies My Father's House Ben Harper My Father's House Emmylou Harris My Home Town American Boys My Hometown Michael Banahan My Hometown John Bayless -- ("Amazing Grace") My Hometown The Countdown Singers My Hometown Dimit My Hometown Travis Elborough My Hometown George Hamilton IV My Hometown Graham BLVD My Hometown Cindy Kallet, Ellen Epstein, and Michael Cicone My Hometown Robin McAuley My Hometown Jason Ringenberg My Hometown Studio Group My Hometown Vitamin String Quartet My Hometown The Wanted My Hometown Nick White My Love Will Not Let You Down Eux Autres Nebraska (labelled as "Badlands") Alabama 3 Nebraska Amy & Karen Nebraska Dan Bern Nebraska Chicken Mambo Nebraska Amer Diab Nebraska Steve Earle Nebraska Chrissy Hynde and Adam Seymour Nebraska John Paul Nebraska Serge Kuhm Nebraska Vitamin String Quartet New York City Serenade Lore Constantine New York City Serenade Pete Yorn Night Graziano Romani 1945 Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers No Surrender The Phil Beer Band No Surrender Bimbo Du Jour No Surrender Johnny Brian No Surrender Ashley Hutchings No Surrender Serge Kuhm No Surrender (One for Bud) Scott McClatchy No Surrender Kevin Montgomery No Surrender Matt Nathanson No Surrender Santa's Dead No Surrender Patrizio Sepe and the Chain Gang No Surrender Two Cow Garage No Surrender Alexandra van Marken No Surrender The Violence Jack Off None But the Brave Graziano Romani Nothing Man Manel Fuentes Nothing Man Ron Meyers One Step Up Paul Cebar One Step Up Kenny Chesney One Step Up Sean Collins One Step Up ("Un passo via da te") Marco Conidi and The Rockin' Chairs (Italian) One Step Up Clive Gregson and Christine Collister One Step Up Jeniferever One Step Up ("An Schriat fiere") Ostbahn-Kurti und die Chefpartie (Austrian) Ein Schritt vor und zwei zurück Ulla Meinecke (German) Ein Schritt vor und zwei Zurück Petra Pasl (German) One Step Up Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians One Step Up Seldom Scene One Step Up Henning Staerk Band Open All Night Hellstomper Open All Night Hudson Falcons Open All Night Son Volt Out Of Work Gary US Bonds Paradise Shane Torrel Paradise By The C Clarence Clemons Temple of Soul Paradise by the C Greg Martin & Friends Pink Cadillac Alfred Marching Band Pink Cadillac Band from TV Pink Cadillac Eliana Burki Pink Cadillac CFD Pink Cadillac The Chipmunks and the Chipettes Pink Cadillac Doug Church Pink Cadillac Anthony Cirillo Pink Cadillac Clarence Clemons Temple of Soul Pink Cadillac Natalie Cole Pink Cadillac Brian Conley Pink Cadillac ("Born to be Blue/Pink Cadillac") Sandy Connolly Pink Cadillac Diva Invasion Pink Cadillac Full Tilt Boogie Pink Cadillac Graham BLVD Pink Cadillac Brian Joens Pink Cadillac Kid & Nic Show Pink Cadillac Keiko Lee Pink Cadillac Jerry Lee Lewis (with Bruce) Pink Cadillac Lullaby Players Pink Cadillac Mirage Pink Cadillac Graham Parker Pink Cadillac Kevin Pearce Pink Cadillac Carl Perkins Pink Cadillac Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians Pink Cadillac The Pop Royals Pink Cadillac PMC All-Stars Pink Cadillac Red Sauce Pink Cadillac Soul Incision Pink Cadillac Southern Pacific Pink Cadillac Suzi Stevens Pink Cadillac Studio Group Pink Cadillac Shane Torrel Pink Cadillac The Tributes Pink Cadillac Trio Del Sol Pink Cadillac/Greased Lightnin' VoiceBox Pink Cadillac Debbie Voltura Pink Cadillac Geologist Randy Williams Pink Cadillac Aretha Wilson Pink Cadillac Gregg Young and the 2nd Street Band Point Blank ("Blattschuss") Ostbahn-Kurti und die Chefpartie (Austrian) Point Blank Graziano Romani Point Blank ("Flachgleit") Zueri West (Swiss) The Price You Pay Emmylou Harris The Promise Graziano Romani The Promised Land Darren Hanlon The Promised Land Georges Imbert Protection Donna Summer Prove It All Night Doop & the Inside Outlaws Prove It All Night The Anderson Tapes Prove It All Night Mesh Prove It All Night Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians Prove It All Night U.S. Girls Racing in the Street The Breakmen Racing in the Street (music only, "Europa") Gundermann Racing In The Street Paul Hann Racing In The Streets Emmylou Harris Racing in the Streets Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi Racing in the Street ("Blinder Passadier") Wolf Maahn & Die Deserteure (German) Racing In The Street Charlie Robison Racing In The Street Serena Ryder Racing In The Street Roger Taylor Racing in the Street Townes Van Zandt Racing In The Street The Wave Pictures Radio Nowhere Lullaby Players Radio Nowhere Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi Reason To Believe The Beat Farmers Reason to Believe Tammy Comstock Reason to Believe Aimee Mann & Michael Penn Reasons To Believe John McCutcheon (medley of "Reason to Believe" by Tim Hardin and "Reason to Believe" by Bruce Springsteen) Reason to Believe More Trouble Band Reason to Believe Tom Russell Band Reason to Believe Casell Webb Red Headed Woman Two Tons of Steel Rendezvous Gary US Bonds Rendezvous Dark Side Rendezvous Albert Hammond Rendezvous Greg Kihn Band Rendezvous Ostbahn-Kurti Restless Nights Michael Reed Restless Nights Rocking Chairs The Rising The Country Dance Kings The Rising The Hit Crew The Rising Joel Mellin The Rising Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians The River Airport Girl The River American Boys The River Blue Emotions The River The Clarks The River Crooked Fingers The River Joe D'Urso and Stone Caravan The River Dusan Huscava (Czech) The River Barb Jungr The River (part of "megamix") Top 40 Cover Band The River Matt Tyler The River Vitamin String Quartet The River Nick White Rosalita John Bayless -- Tempo di Latino, Affetuoso Seranade, Allegro Rapido Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) Darren Hayman Rosalita The Rigbees Sad Eyes Neal Coty Sad Eyes The Countdown Singers Mas Es Amar Klaus Hallen Tanzorchester Sad Eyes Enrique Iglesias Mas Es Amar (Sad Eyes) Enrique Iglesias (Spanish) Sad Eyes ("Mas Es Amar") William Jansen (Spanish) Sad Eyes The Latin Music All Stars Sad Eyes El McMeen Sad eyes Elliott Murphy and Iain Matthews Sad Eyes The Pop Royals Sad Eyes Studio Group Sad Eyes Matt Tyler Sad Eyes Trisha Yearwood Savin' Up Clarence Clemons & The Red Bank Rockers Savin' Up Clarence Clemons Temple of Soul Savin' Up Sonny Day and the All Stars Savin' Up The Dynatones Savin' Up Johnny La Rosa Savin' Up Joe Luraschi Savin' Up Goran Wiklund Seaside Bar Song Little Bob Story Secret Garden Tom Cochrane and Damhnait Doyle Secret Garden The Hit Crew Secret Garden Lullaby Players Secret Garden The Pop Royals Secret Garden Studio Group Secret Garden The Wanted Seeds Dave Alvin Seeds Joe Luraschi Sherry Darling The Fevers Sherry Darling Bamses Venner She's the One John Eddie She's the One ("He's the One") Rhonda She's The One Shaun Wolf Wortis She's the One Mark Wright Shut Out the Light Tom Russell Band Sinaloa Cowboys Cracker Sinaloa Cowboys Dyl Sinaloa Cowboys Dean Sapp & The Hartford Express Sing! Born in the USA (Karaoke album) BS Band (Sony Japan SRCS7723) Something in the Night Aram Something in the Night Matthew Ryan Something in the Night Vitamin String Quartet Soul Driver Graziano Romani Souls of the Departed Paradise Brothers Spirit In The Night Lisa Bouchelle Spirit In the Night Tim Brantley Spirit In The Night Ava Cherry & The Astronettes Spirits In The Night Manfred Mann's Earth Band Stand On It Mel McDaniel Stand On It The Razorbacks State Trooper Afterhours State Trooper The Blackeyed Susans State Trooper Boiled in Lead State Trooper Deana Carter State Trooper Calla State Trooper Jen Cloher State Trooper Cowboy Junkies State Trooper Steve Earle State Trooper Halloween, Alaska State Trooper Gary Lucas State Trooper Nona Mez State Trooper Refrigerator State Trooper Three Miles West State Trooper Steve Wynn Stolen Car Mary Cutrufello Stolen Car Patti Griffin Stolen Car The Groovers Stolen Car The Manhattan Love Suicides Stolen Car Elliott Murphy Streets Of Fire Dick Tool Company Streets of Fire Graziano Romani Streets Of Philadelphia Academy Allstars Streets of Philadelphia Acoustic Sound Orchestra Streets of Philadelphia After Dark Streets Of Philadelphia American Boys Streets of Philadelphia Sergio Avila Streets of Philadelphia Axe Men Streets of Philadelphia Grace Bawden Streets of Philadelphia Pierre Belmonde Streets of Philadelphia Bernard Bess Orchestra Streets of Philadelphia Dave Bielanko Streets Of Philadelphia The Big Screen Orchestra Streets of Philadelphia Paul Brooks Streets of Philadelphia Patrick Bruel and Jean Louis Aubert (French) Streets Of Philadelphia Butcher Boy Streets Of Philadelphia Richard Clayderman Streets Of Philadelphia Casiotone For The Painfully Alone & Concern Streets of Philadelphia Colby 8 Streets of Philadelphia Ray Coniff Streets of Philadelphia The Countdown Singers Streets Of Philadelphia Gilles David Orchestra Streets Of Philadelphia Duck Baby Band Streets Of Philadelphia Tommy Eden Streets of Philadelphia The Eden Symphony Orchestra Streets Of Philadelphia The Film Band Streets of Philadelphia ("I Dene Schtrasse") Fischhohl (Swiss) Streets Of Philadelphia Mikael Fox Streets of Philadelphia Scott Free Streets Of Philadelphia Free the Spirit Streets Of Philadelphia Michael Garson Ensemble (instrumental) Streets of Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus Of Los Angeles Streets Of Philadelphia The Golden Age Orchestra, Paul Summer Streets Of Philadelphia Graham BLVD Streets of Philadelphia Klaus Hallen Streets Of Philadelphia Ray Hamilton Orchestra Streets of Philadelphia Richie Havens Streets of Philadelphia Hollywood Star Orchestra & Singers Streets of Philadelphia Garland Jeffreys Streets of Philadelphia Molly Johnson Streets Of Philadelphia Bob Khaleel Streets Of Philadelphia Knight's Bridge Streets of Philadelphia Bettye LaVette Streets Of Philadelphia The Magic Orchestra Streets of Philadelphia Marah Streets of Philadelphia Filippo Martin with Jon Butcher Streets of Philadelphia Frank Mills Streets Of Philadelphia Music Makers Streets Of Philadelphia Musica Paradiso Streets Of Philadelphia The New World Orchestra Streets Of Philadelphia The Orchestra Of Dreams Streets Of Philadelphia Panpipes Romantics Streets Of Philadelphia Yvonne de Paris Streets of Philadelphia Paul Parker Streets Of Philadelphia Fernando Pereira Streets of Philadelphia Philadelphia Project Streets Of Philadelphia Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians Streets Of Philadelphia The Pop Royals Streets of Philadelphia Bill Power Streets Of Philadelphia Project Group Streets of Philadelphia Reilly & Maloney Streets of Philadelphia Reimano Streets of Philadelphia Wolfgang Remo Streets Of Philadelphia Rock Feast Streets of Philadelphia Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Streets Of Philadelphia The Rumbles Streets of Philadelphia Angie Stardust Streets of Philadelphia The Starlight Orchestra Streets Of Philadelphia The Starshine Orchestra and Singers Streets Of Philadelphia Studio Group Streets of Philadelphia The Studio Sound Orchestra Streets of Philadelphia Werner Tauber Streets of Philadelphia The Tesca Allstars Streets Of Philadelphia Tune Robbers Streets of Philadelphia Serge Villiers Streets of Philadelphia Vitamin String Quartet Streets Of Philadelphia The Wanted Streets of Philadelphia Nick White Streets Of Philadelphia World-Famous Orchestra Summer On Signal Hill Clarence Clemons & The Red Bank Rockers Summer On Signal Hill Haywood Gregory Summer On Signal Hill Killer Joe Take 'em As They Come Mary Cutrufello Take 'Em as They Come Hudson Falcons Take 'Em As They Come Jimmy Eat World Talk To Me Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 1/2 Japanese Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out Papa Bueno Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out Jim Cotton Tenth Avenue Freeze Out Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out Joe Slomp Tenth Avenue Freeze Out The Pop Royals Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out Small Time Dave And The Windy City Groove Tenth Avenue Freeze Out Studio Group This Little Girl Gary US Bonds This Little Girl Graham BLVD This Little Girl The Persuasions Thunder Road American Boys Thunder Road Jaime Anglada Thunder Road Badly Drawn Boy Thunder Road Dan Bern Thunder Road John Berry Thunder Road David Bryce Thunder Road Counting Crows Thunder Road Cowboy Junkies Thunder Road Barbara Fasano Thunder Road Richard De Groot Thunder Road Hillary and The Democrats Thunder Road The Hit Co. Thunder Road The Hit Crew Thunder Road Martyn Joseph Thunder Road Ashton Jones Thunder Road Greg Kihn Thunder Road Mary Lou Lord Thunder Road Lullaby Players Thunder Road Merry Miller (harp) Thunder Road Milow Thunder Road The Pop Royals Thunder Road The Popettes Thunder Road Kevin Rowland Thunder Road Studio Group Thunder Road Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy Thunder Road Frank Turner Thunder Road Matt Tyler Thunder Road Vitamin String Quartet Thunder Road The Wanted Thunder Road Nick White Thunder Road Hayward Williams The Ties That Bind Caufield The Ties That Bind Eddie and the Hotrods Tiger Rose Sonny Burgess Tougher than the Rest Luca Barbarossa and Alexi Lalas Tougher Than The Rest Blaskapelle Tschecháranka Tougher Than the Rest Shawn Brush Tougher Than The Rest Camera Obscura Tougher than the Rest Cher Tougher than the Rest Carrie Davis Tougher than the Rest ("Taaier dan de rest") Kris de Bruyne (Belgian) Tougher than the Rest ("Tebi bom pa zvest") Tomaz Domicelj (Slovenian) Tougher Than The Rest Ray Dylan Tougher Than The Rest East Blues Experience Tougher Than the Rest Everything but the Girl Tougher than the Rest ("Ik lit dy nea wer gean") Fokke (Frisian) Tougher Than The Rest Emmylou Harris Tougher Than The Rest Greg Hawks & the Tremblers Tougher Than The Rest Chris LeDoux Tougher than the rest Patrick Levien & experiance sound Tougher than the Rest Little Rock Country Band Tougher Than the Rest The Mendoza Line Tougher Than The Rest Nashville Tougher Than The Rest The Pop Royals Tougher than the Rest Joe Schwach (Swiss) Tougher Than The Rest Studio Group Tougher Than The Rest Sussi and Leo Tougher Than The Rest Title Tracks Tougher Than The Rest Travis Tritt Tougher Than The Rest Two Riders Band featuring Matin Jones Tougher Than The Rest Jan Vardoen Train Song Robbin Thompson Trapped Again Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes Tunnel Of Love Graham BLVD Tunnel Of Love Pickin' On Springsteen Session Musicians Two Faces Salamander Crossing Two Faces Nikolas Sirkis Two For the Road The Apple Pirates Two Hearts Billy Mann Two Hearts Precious Metal Two Hearts Mark Wright Used Cars Canyon Used Cars Ani DiFranco Used Cars Paul Fuster Used Cars Swedish Chef Used Cars Tom Juravich Valentine's Day Hem Valentine's Day Jimmy LaFave Valentine's Day Lucky 7 Valentine's Day The Upsouth Twisters Wages of Sin Damien Jurado and Rose Thomas Waiting On A Sunny Day Piny Gir Waiting on a Sunny day Ständut Blakk Walk Like a Man Graziano Romani Walking Through Midnight Southside Johnny The Way Graziano Romani What Love Can Do Super Hot Hitmakers When You Dance Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes When You Need Me Blueberry Hill The Wind & The Rain Steel Mill With Every Wish Tom Varner Working On A Dream Bon Aero Working on a Dream Hip Makers Working on a Dream Lullaby Players Working on the Highway Joe Ely Worlds Apart ("Mons apart") Maria del Mar Bonet (Catalan) Wreck on the Highway Flor Wreck On the Highway John Wesley Harding Wreck on the Highway Nils Lofgren The Wrestler The Lumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co The Wrestler Swamphouse You Mean So Much To Me Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes Youngstown Blue Moon Rising Youngstown Matthew Ryan Youngstown Dean Sapp & The Hartford Express Youngstown Steve Strauss You're Missing Cowboy Junkies You're Missing Loriana Matera You're Missing Studio Group You're Missing Shane Torrel You're Missing Gregory Webster Your Love Gary US Bonds Your Love Io vorrei la pelle nera (Italian) ALBUMS (downloadable only): Brilliant Disguise (tribute album) Matt Tyler Hometown: The String Quartet Tribute to Bruce Springsteen The Vitamin String Quartet Light of Day: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen Various Artists Play Some Pool - Skip Some School - Act Real Cool: A Global Pop Tribute To Bruce Springsteen (album - various artists) A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen Various Artists (mostly Shane Torrel) Tribute To Bruce Springsteen The Wanted A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen Vol 1 Studio Group A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen Vol 2 Studio Group