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Bring 'Em Home

When written: 1965
By whom: Pete Seeger
Number of recordings documented in this site: 5
Common Genres: Folk
Alternate Titles: Bring 'Em Home, Bring Them Home (If You Love Your Uncle Sam)
Recording dates of items documented on this site (note -- these are approximate counts):
Recorded 1900-1924: 0
Recorded 1925-1949: 0
Recorded 1950-1974: 4
Recorded 1975-1999: 0
Recorded since 2000: 1

If You Love Your Uncle Sam

One of Pete Seeger's most outspoken songs. Seeger wrote the song in 1965 to protest US involvement in Vietnam. The song was used at rallies throughout the late '60's. Barbara Dane recorded it with new lyrics at a rally with G.I.s from Fort Hood in 1969; Tom WInslow also recorded it in 1969.

Seeger's original recording of "Bring Them Home" appeared on the Columbia album "Young vs. Old" in 1971; although that album was nominated for a grammy award, it is currently out of print, as is Winslow's recording. Dane's recording is available from Smithsonian Folkways on the album "FTA! Songs of the GI Resistance." According to Dane's liner notes: "FTA - Army Version: Fun, Travel and Adventure." GI Version: "Fuck the Army!"

In 2003, Pete Seeger participated in the recording of "Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol III," the third volume of the Appleseed series honoring Seeger's music (Bruce Springsteen's recording of "We Shall Overcome" appears on the first volume). With Ani DiFranco, Steve Earle and Billy Bragg, Seeger recorded a new version of "Bring Them Home," with updated lyrics to address the invasion of Iraq.

Bruce Springsteen performed a modified version of "Bring Them Home" during "The Seeger Sessions" tour, and released it on "The Seeger Sessions American Land Edition." Links to audio and video of Pete Seeger's original and 2003 version of "Bring Them Home," as well as Bruce Springsteen's update, are available from the audio page of this site.

From Pete Seeger's 2003 recording of "Bring Them Home":

I may be right
I may be wrong
Bring 'em home
Bring 'em home

But I got a right to sing this song
Bring 'em home
Bring 'em home

Isn't that the wonderful thing about America?
You got a right to be wrong!

Where else in the world can you do it like we can do it here?

Back in 1965 when I first wrote this song, it was,
"If you love your Uncle Sam, support our boys in Vietnam, Bring 'em home."

If you all sing that chorus with me, we can raise the ceiling a little higher.

Hooray! for the United States of America and the right to speak your mind.